Archvest Advantage Q3 2018 Newsletter 

Eric Lai, John Wenzel, & Jill Shibuya | Archvest Wealth Advisors | Oct 19th, 2018
Category: Archvest in the News

Market Review My grandfather would always say that “a surprise is the result of one’s poor planning.”  To some, this past quarter the market

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Social Security loophole: Medicare premiums could cost you more than you think in 2019 

Todd Campbell | The Motley Fool | Oct 16th, 2018
Category: Education

Medicare Part B premiums are heading higher next year because of increasing healthcare costs, and that could take a bigger bite out of your Social Security income. Roughly

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Answer these 5 questions before buying life insurance from your employer 

Barbara Marquand | NerdWallet | Oct 8th, 2018
Category: Education

If your employer offers free life insurance during open enrollment this fall, grab it. But if your workplace lets you buy additional coverage on top of that, ask

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High-income retirees' tax rates may be higher than expected because of Social Security 

Darla Mercado | CNBC | Oct 9th, 2018
Category: Education

You may have stopped working, but Uncle Sam is still digging into your pocket. Though high-income retirees are looking forward to lower taxes once they've

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Fed's Powell Downplays Inflation Risk With Expectations Anchored 

Christopher Condon & Jeanna Smialek | Bloomberg | Oct 2nd, 2018
Category: Financial News

Keeps central bank on track for gradual interest-rate hikes Central-bank chief calls recent wage increases ‘quite welcome’ Federal Reserve

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