Bitcoin is too risky to treat as a ’serious‘ investment, financial advisers say 

Annie Nova | CNBC | Sep 24th, 2017
Category: Education

Almost 80 percent of Americans have heard of Bitcoin. Almost half of those are unsure if the digital coin is legal. A new survey offers some wisdom on whether

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Want A Simpler Tax Code? Sure, But It Will Cost You. 

S.V. Date | Huffington Post | Nov 19th, 2017
Category: Education

The GOP is taking advantage of Americans’ fear of tax season to shift the tax burden down the income ladder. House Speaker Paul Ryan clears his desk with

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Here’s Where the GOP Tax Plan Stands Right Now 

Bloomberg News | Nov 14th, 2017
Category: Financial News

The Senate tax-writing committee continued hammering out the details of its tax cut proposal Tuesday, while the House may vote on its bill as soon as Thursday. Here

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Money worries? 5 financial rules to live by 

Christy Bieber | The Motley Fool | Nov 13th, 2017
Category: Education

More than 75% of all Americans are breaking one key rule. Are you among the 65% of Americans being kept up at night by money worries? Managing your money

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What to do with your 401(k) when you retire 

Wendy Connick | The Motley Fool | Nov 7th, 2017
Category: Education

By the time you're ready to leave the working world for good, you may have quite a balance saved up in your 401(k). So, what exactly should you do with all that

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