Shopping for the holidays? Here are warning signs you could get overextended 

Russ Wiles | Arizona Republic | Nov 25th, 2018
Category: Education

Retailers are expecting a robust shopping season, with November and December sales projected to top $1 trillion for the first time ever. The flip side of all

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Into the Brexit endgame 

The Economist | Nov 20th, 2018
Category: Financial News

At last, Britain’s game of three-dimensional chess with the European Union is entering its closing phase. On November 14th the two parties published a draft

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Here are some tax deductibles you probably didn't know about 

USA Today | Nov 20th, 2018
Category: Education

With the 2019 tax season around the corner, here are some deductibles you probably didn't know about. Buzz60's Natasha Abellard has the story.

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How to max out your retirement savings in 2019 

Dan Caplinger | The Motley Fool | Nov 13th, 2018
Category: Education

Tax-favored accounts like IRAs, 401(k)s and similar plans are essential for those who want to become ultimate retirement savers. To truly max out all of your retirement

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What China talks about when it talks about stimulus 

The Economist | Nov 13th, 2018
Category: Education

The career of China’s biggest property tycoon can be divided into two stages. Xu Jiayin started slowly, focusing on Guangzhou, a southern city. Then came the

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